May 22, 2005

Starten The Garden (it rhymes that way)

Yesterday we bought a spade, today I dig in the earth. I don't have much time, as it's supposed to rain in the afternoon, so I hope to get working on it early. I'd like to have a plot dug up and ready for a planting session sometime later this week.

I'm excited about the garden, and I really hope that it turns out well. I feel confident about being able to keep the bugs off, but I'm not so sure about birds. If you recall, we've had a lot of birds in our backyard at times. Marion and I will just have to run around back there a lot, to scare the birds away.

I'll try to keep you updated, I'll take a picture today, and every once in a while I'll post another one. Everyone likes to see gardens grow...right?


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