May 18, 2005

It's About Paying Attention

I don't remember the last time Marion wore a diaper during the day, and (up until this morning) I don't recall the last time she peed anywhere but in the toilet. My daughter is almost one year old, and she is quite aware that people use the toilet to go potty, and not diapers. She's also fully capable of holding off the need to eliminate, for a while, and what's best is that she's started to signal her need to go potty with a certain kind of whine.

It's all about paying attention. Today I'm sick, and Marion has peed on the floor twice, because I don't have the focus that I normally do. On any normal day, we'd be dry, but today my brain is mush.

And I hear people say that babies aren't physically able to control the muscles that start and stop pees and poos. Those people need to stop by sometime, because it's clear that Marion can. There are millions of babies raised without diapers, and they aren't always walking around covered in poo and pee.


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