May 02, 2005

Bit By The Bug

Marion has been infected with the won't-go-to-sleep-until-midnight(ish) bug. Somehow, for some reason, the past three nights haven't been any fun. While she normally goes to sleep rather easily around seven, she's decided that sleeping from seven to eight is actually just a nap, and the evening time is for being completely insane.

Then, to make things more interesting, once she does go to sleep, she stays asleep for anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes, and then is up for another hour. So, yeah, not the most restful weekend.

She did, however, stay asleep rather well last night, once she got to sleep around eleven or so. I think the worst is over, which is good because it's no longer the weekend. My plan is to fully amuse her today so she takes only one nap, which should make her plenty tired around six or seven in the evening. Hopefully that'll be enough to keep her sleeping, and get her back to her regular sleep pattern.


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