May 23, 2005

Big Bran and Garden

In case you missed it, I posted yesterday about getting the garden started. It's not really much of a post, but I thought I'd mention it. Because there's never been a garden here before, I had to dig the sod off the 4' x 10' plot (it's just gonna be a small garden at first). It wasn't too bad, but it's nothing that I'd like to do on a larger garden.

The digging also reminded me that I was supposed to call that 1-800-Miss-Dig number, in order to find out if there were any burried gas lines or anything like that. Oops. Turns out there is a comcast cable line, and you can see it in the picture. I didn't cut the line, but it's gonna be a pain to weed around.

In other news, my recent discovery of a large bran flake in my cereal has brought up what appears to be a larger conspiracy. Check out the comments section of my big-bran post.


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