May 16, 2005

And Then There Were Two

It's been much too long. I really expected to get this out much sooner, but I was hoping to do it with a big exclimation mark, with a site redesign, or something big and impressive. I haven't put the site redesign together, but as I was thinking about it last night, I realized that I don't need anything else to make this impressive.

Keleigh and I are expecting our second child in late June.

Now yes, many of you already know this from just being around us, but there are some of you that haven't found out yet, and it's time to get it out there. We're excited about it, and it's just crazy that I still haven't posted about this. The midwives are coming for our home visit today in order to make sure everything is set up and we have all of the supplies. If the midwives are already making sure that things are ready to go, my blog should have something about the new baby.

Marion and her sibling will be about 13 months apart, which will hopefully lead them to have a very close relationship. They'll be going through things developmentally and socially as a pair, and I really hope that they're able to help each other along the way. We've heard from a lot of people that are very close to their siblings in age, and almost all of them say that they're still very close to their siblings as adults, and that's great.

Everybody get ready for Baby Lee.


At 11:48 AM, Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the three of you! You all are so blessed, and I am so happy! :) Jerica

At 7:14 PM, Anonymous said...

How lucky a family are you guys! Best wishes for a safe and happy delivery.

At 8:48 PM, Jeremiah said...

Thanks for the congrats Jerica, it really is great, and I'm glad that I'll be able to share pictures with you through this site.

And thanks to the anonymous persong giving their wishes for a safe and happy delivery. I'm looking forward to catching this baby, and I hope I can help Keleigh more than I was able to last time. I really think I learned a lot, and I'll be better able to support her this time because of it.


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