April 11, 2005

Tales From the Potty

Coolest Potty Story Yet:

Marion went to sleep for her mid-day nap about 1.5 hours ago, diaperless as is the norm now, because she tends to stay dry through naps. She just woke up about 10 minutes ago, and I wasn't able to soothe her to sleep with the normal procedure, so I picked her up, took her to the bathroom, and put her on the potty. While she wasn't very happy with this, she did pee right away (and quite a bit, too). I then put her back down on the bed, and she was asleep within three minutes.

How freaking cool is that? Tell me she doesn't know how to hold her bladder. Tell me that she doesn't prefer to use the toilet over wetting herself. Yeah, I'll show you a little girl that would rather use the potty than wet in a diaper, or on her favorite blanket.


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