April 22, 2005

Need More Funny

I seem to recall that I used to write posts that I thought were funny. I don't feel like I'm doing that anymore. Have I lost my touch, have I lost my way, have I lost my funny? Now, let me remind you that I said that -I- thought they were funny, that dosen't necessarily mean that you thought they were funny, as it appears that I have a different idea of what 'funny' really is. So, maybe you never thought I was posting anything funny.

So, I'm gonna throw in some comic relief, somehow. Once I get the juices flowing.


Gonna be funny now.

Any time now.



Well, maybe next time?

For now, know that all is going well, and things are getting back on track. The family is healthy, and sleep is returning to my world. I'm a big fan of the sunny weather too, so that's helping a lot. The Naughty Frogs are planning on practicing tomorrow morning, Marion's four upper teeth are becoming a real part of her image, and the cats are still playing like they've been best friends forever.


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