April 12, 2005

Grand Adventure

Today, my daughter and I are taking a trip down to Toledo to visit WGTE (the radio station that I worked at from 2000-2003) and Miguel (our songwriter/producer friend). I'm really looking forward to seeing some of the people at WGTE, as I haven't seen most of them in over two years and I do have ... [sorry, had to pause to get the oat cereal away from crazy Nora cat, she doesn't seem to realize that the little oat circles belong to Marion, not the kitties] ... Um ... Ah, yes, and I do have some good friends there still, although most of the people that I really liked have moved on.

And it'll be nice to see Miguel. While we did see him on Sunday, it wasn't really much of a visit, because he was hosting the party and doing all sorts of party-host things. Today we'll get to see his studio, and really get to spend some time there. I'm bringing my guitar and a couple of song ideas. Miguel suggested that we could work on writing some children's music together, which would be quite cool. I'd certainly be excited to work with him on just about any songwriting project, as it means that I'll get to learn a lot.

The drive to Toledo also means two hours in the car, which Marion still isn't entirely fond of, but hopefully she'll use the time to nap, and all will be well.

So, I have things to get ready, I should head out on my way. If you didn't visit this site yesterday (or if you visited after 2pm, you should check out the latest baby-potty update).


At 1:28 PM, Anonymous said...

That is fantastic that you are willing to drive two hours to see the old work place and WGTE, but you find it so hard to travel 2 hours to see your family. That makes us feel really great Jeremiah! (This is your sister by the way)


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