April 29, 2005

Garden Planning

It's been in family talks for a while, ever since we moved here actually, that we'd like to have some kind of a garden. The back yard is big enough to do it, and there aren't any trees or rocks to get in the way, so it's really a pretty good setting for a garden. Time, that dreaded beast, is what has held us back so far.

Hopefully having me home full time can remedy that, as we're planning on having a garden this year. I'm gonna start small, so we won't have a ton of food (which is okay, really), but we'll get a chance to see how much gardening we can handle.

Here's our list, which will be cut down due to space:

Watermelon - needs lots of space
Sunflowers - they're just cool
Pumpkin - lots of space
Potatoes - a family favorite
Carrots - little space
Broccoli - ick (but Marion and Keleigh like it)
Tomatoes - only need one plant because they produce so much
Corn - gotta have corn on the cob
Cantelope - another space monster
Strawberries - yumtastic
Lettuce - easy to grow, or so I hear

I was thinking that we might be able to put one of the viney plants over in a corner, a bit away from the main garden (to give it space), and maybe it'll grow all crazy up the fence. I'll have to ask our neighbors if they mind having a melon plant on the fence. Although...melons can get heavy, if the fruit is hanging off the fence it might not be able to grow big enough before the weight pulls it off.

See, lots of decisions. I have until mid-May before things really have to get going though, as that's when the expected 'last frost' is. I need to get a soil test, and get the garden planned and dug before then though. Maybe I can enlist the help of a Master Gardener...which I believe my mom is.


At 12:22 AM, Anonymous said...

Hello there Jeremiah, it was just a wonderful surprise to meet you on the street today. And making lovely lady Marion's acquaintence was great. She is such a cutie!

At 7:25 AM, Jeremiah said...

Glad that you remembered the web address. It was nice to see you, and such a random place to meet, too.

Hope all is going quite well with you, feel free to email me jlee (at) openappledumb (dot) com.


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