April 01, 2005

Found Miguel

Remember a while back, when I was talking about how I was trying to track down my friend Miguel? Well, he's been found.

I contacted Adam (who has a podcasting blog at YippieShow.com), a friend of Miguel's, that I found on the internet, and he gave me Miguel's new phone number. It turns out that he didn't move to Mexico, Miami, or any other crazy-far-off-place. He moved to Maumee, Ohio, which is just a couple minutes from Keleigh's parents.

So I gave him a call, and we had a great talk. He has a 4 1/2 month old daughter (and two sons, eight and six), and he's a full-time dad. How crazy is that? He's still writing songs, and his production group has secured a record deal for his brother Frank (Frankie Biggs, Universal Records next big thing).

Marion and I are planning on going down there on Wednesday of next week. I'm pretty excited, and I'm so happy to have found him. He's someone that I could learn a lot from, both as a musician and as a dad.

I also found out why I can't find anything about him on the internet. In his words, "The internet is the devil."


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