April 04, 2005

As if in Response: Baseball

Baseball opens today, and while for the past 27 years of my life this has meant nothing, I'm trying to get into it today. I want a sport to hold me over in the football offseason, so I'm giving baseball a try. Last year I thought about watching basketball, but never got into it, and with hockey not happening this year, baseball wins by default.

So I signed up for a low-intensity fantasy baseball game with some of the guys that I play Diplomacy with, and we're getting the season started.

And what do you do when baseball starts? You watch a baseball game. Now, I've tried to watch baseball before, and I've found it amazingly boring. Well, as if in response to my lack of interest in baseball, the Detroit Tigers have brought out the fireworks. Jeremy Bonderman is pitching a great game, and the batters for the Tigers already have three home runs. Dimitri Young hit two homers in his first two at bats of the season. That's pretty amazing. It's the top of the sixth inning, and the Tigers are up 8-1.


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