April 19, 2005

AIr Conditioning

I feel like it's official now. I mean, once you use the air conditioner it's no longer winter, right? It was getting up around 80 degrees in our bedroom last night, and I didn't want Marion to get too hot, so we cranked up the old air conditioner, and that cooled things down pretty quickly. I'm glad it still works.

It's not going to snow, right? I mean, I know that I live in Michigan, and with that, all things are possible, but...seriously, I don't have to worry about salting the driveway anymore do I?

My neighbors put up one of those all-in-one pools. The crazy lawn guy across the street has already mowed his less-than-green lawn. I'm thinking about landscaping (thinking, but unlikely to be actually doing).

It's not winter.


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