March 24, 2005

Thursday is for Adventures!

Marion must be excited about adventure day, because she woke up ready to go at 6:30 this morning instead of her normal 7:00. Not a big deal, but daddy sure would appreciate the extra 1/2 hour. It's impossible to be upset though, as she's too darn cute when she wakes up. She sits up and turns towards me, smiles, and starts talking to me. So cute.

Today's adventures include a trip to Mothering Arts to visit her friends, and to talk about parenting and such. Today's main topic is 'Raising a Healthy, Drug-Free Child', but we don't often make it in for the presentation, so we just get the tail end of the discussion, and then lunch afterwards.

And after lunch, who knows what we'll do. I've been hoping to go to the Ypsilanti district library lately, and we'll probably do that, as long as Marion's nap schedule works out. Although...she'll likely nap around 9:30 until 11:00, and then want to nap again at about 3:00, so that'll be just about the time lunch ends. Well, we'll see, she might be napping in the car ride over to the library.

And as a potty update (I swear, I'll try not to go all potty-crazy on those of you that don't have children, and therefore probably would rather that I'd shut up), Marion has slept overnight in a diaper, but other than that she's been diaper free (and she hasn't messed on the floor except once) since Tuesday morning at about 7am. How great is that?


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