March 22, 2005

Past One, and We're Dry

Yes my good friends, Marion has gone from 6am until now (1:03pm) without peeing or pooing anywhere but in the toilet. This is the best potty day ever. After eating, after naps, I just take her over to the potty, and like magic, she's a peeing fool.

How cool is that? This is an almost ten month old, and she's really starting to understand this whole potty thing.

Edit: It's 3:40, and we're still going strong!

As another update, we made it all the way through the day without usihng a diaper! Marion did pee on the floor once, at 6:40, but other than that it was perfect. I didn't even have a diaper on her most of the day yesterday, and it went so well that I'm planning on keeping the diaper off today. This is great!


At 4:58 PM, Anonymous said...

Wow - you're communication elimination experts! She must really be in tune with you and vice versa, you should be proud of the great relationship you've developed with her. Or, you're just leaving her on the toilet for 95% of the day :) I'll check her for potty-seat indentations on her bum when I get home!

No, seriously, I'm very impressed. Not sure I could pull that off if I were the one at home. In fact, I'm having trouble with my own bladder these days!

Momma Lee


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