March 16, 2005

Overall Update (More Later)

Marion has pooed on the potty three days in a row! Seriously, why would you not do this? I mean, put the child on the toilet, they don't need to sit in their own waste.

My MIDI cable has arrived, which allows me to connect Ben's keyboard into the computer and make wonderful music. Well, it allows me to make some music. I can add drums and bass and such to my simple recordings a lot easier now. I really hope to have a song for you on Friday.

The Naughty Frogs practiced last night, and we had a pretty good time. It was decided that JP needs a new bass amp, really this time, not like all the other times that we've decided this. The plan is for him to buy one when he gets back from his summer selling his soul to the man, because then he'll have some cash.


At 8:34 AM, MOM said...

This IS a good thing, your Dad and I would put you all on the potty whenever we were in the bathroom. Then if "anything" happened, we would cheer! If nothing, then nothing. That is because you were all too young to understand at this age. But it sure doesn't hurt to have some cheering, as well as one less nasty to deal with.


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