March 14, 2005

Marion's Upgrades

You know, upgrade, like when you add performance shocks to your car. Marion's upgrading her toilet abilities, and her teeth.

Four teeth (all the front upper teeth) are just about ready to pop through, with one of them already poking through the gums. It's been much easier for her this tim than for the first two teeth, there hasn't been nearly as much upset-ness on her part. I can't imagine how she's going to look with four more teeth. The first two increased her cuteness 3.14159 times, so I expect these will do as much, maybe more, for her.

And the toilet, oh yeah, I know you want to hear about this. We've been trying to catch Marion's signs of needing to go to the potty, and we've been quite successful. Just this morning she pooed in the potty, which means that I'm safe from wiping baby poo for a whole 24 hours. That, and I don't have to worry about washing the poo-diaper. This is awesome. I can't believe we didn't think to do this before.


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