March 22, 2005

Kitty Friend

Kira, our lovely little Korat kitten (well, I suppose she's a cat now, she's almost two), is in need of a playmate. She has this need because her human companions just can't give her the amount of attention that she needs. She's a high-need cat, and while we're happy to play with her quite often, it's become clear that she's not happy with the amount that we have to offer. We've read that cats of her breed can get this way, especially in one-cat households.

So, we did some research, and we found someone that we hope can be her friend. Nora (who was once called Jasmine, and then Cindy) has been living at a foster home for the past month or so, before that she was at a shelter, and before that she was on the streets. She was a homeless kitty, a vagabond, probably selling her body for another hit of catnip (okay, maybe not that last bit). Now, Nora has a home with us.

Now, because cats are tricky beasts, we're giving this a shot. The foster 'mommy' has let us have her for two weeks to decide if Kira and her can get along. Hopefully they'll let us know, but it'll be tough to decide in only two weeks. Right now Nora is still occupying the bathroom, as we're trying to get the cats to be 'okay' with each other's scents before we put them together in any real way. Nora doesn't appear to mind Kira's scent, but Kira (the protective little one she is) is doing some hissing still.

All in time, we'll see how this goes. Hopefully Kira and Nora can become good friends, and Kira can be a happier kitty more of the time.


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