March 27, 2005


Let's all take a ride in the way-back machine.

There was a time, not really that long ago, that I didn't have much hair on my head. I always cut it quite short, and tried to keep it really short so it would be easy to deal with, and so I wouldn't have to pay for haircuts. This worked out well for over seven years.

Recently there has been a shift in the Great Hair Continuum.

As a side note, if you look up 'Space Time Continuum'
on Google, you'll also see this ad:

My hair has been growing, and not being cut off, since around mid-January. Surely my long flowing locks would make up for any added difficulties in tending for my new hair, right?



At 1:05 PM, Anonymous said...

BOTHER..Take that same picture and smile and you will see a whole different hair style. I think I know where the baby gets her hair color now.


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