March 01, 2005

Grand Adventure

I never got the chance to sit down at a computer yesterday to get anything posted, and I never had the chance to write a song either, because Marion and I were adventuring downtown. It was snowing, but I had her under my coat with just her head popping out so she could see everything. We're a strange sight, I imagine, some crazy man walking down the sidewalk with a baby head popping out of his chest.

We visited people, as that's inexpensive, and tried to stay away from any stores that I knew I'd spend money at. We stopped by the CompLit office (where I used to work) and visited with Meggan. Marion had a good time crawling around the old workplace while I caught up on the latest news from the university-types. It's 'Spring Break' right now, so none of the students were around, which is too bad as I would have liked to have visited with some of them.

After that we stopped in at the library, where Marion loves to stare at the shelves. I hope she really likes to go to libraries, because once I get the Probe on the road again I want to take her to libraries often. I love them, and there's always something interesting to be found.

On our way back across campus we stopped in to visit Seanna, a professor in CompLit who is also a good friend of mine, and had a nice visit with her and her dog Pepsi. Marion and Pepsi got along great, and they were both quite interested in each other. Seanna's going to be leaving for Nebraska sometime this summer (I believe), so we have to get our visits in as much as we can before she heads out to corn-land.

With most of the visiting done we walked off into town, and stopped at a couple of stores in order to warm our faces. The Dawn Treader Bookstore had some free books out front, so we picked up some of them, and then went over to the Herb David Guitar Studio. I wasn't able to resist spending money on guitar stuff, but I kept it down to about $3.50. I bought a couple of guitar picks, and two back-issue guitar magazines.

Then, onward to Espresso Royale for some italian soda. Marion felt like queen of the world when I let her sit in the big comfy chair, and she let everyone know that she was pretty happy to be there with a couple squeals of joy. We bumped into Mickey (a retired midwife from New Moon Midwifery) while we were there, and had a nice short talk with her.

It was a big day, and both Marion and I were tired once we got home. I'd certainly like to do it again (maybe with a camera next time), but hopefully it'll get a bit warmer before our next big adventure.


At 2:48 PM, Anonymous said...

We should really plan on having a camera around to take a pic of Marion & Pepsi Girl. I think that would be a good memory for (1) Marion as she looks back on her babe-years (2) moi, the childless one and sMarion's self-appointed god-big-sistah (3)Pepsi (no chuckling, now)


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