March 07, 2005

Back to the Excitement

A bunch of crazy happened, and it kept me from getting near the computer very often, so I was away from OpenAppleDumb for a while. Things happen, people live, blogs don't get updated. Life goes on.

Tuesday and Wednesday was an adventure because Keleigh had a migraine. With only the Saturn to drive (and Keleigh had that at work) I had to work my phone magic to wrangle someone to pick her up from work. As it turned out her mom drove up from Toledo to get her.

I'm not a big fan of seeing Keleigh in pain, and migraines are especially scary because of the crazy things that they do to her mind. She gets all sorts of crazy things happening, like visual disturbances and such. I gotta say, I'm pretty happy that I don't get migraines, as they really do appear to be no fun at all.

Thursday was Mothering Arts (the parenting group that I attend when I get the chance, and yes...I'm typically the only guy at this 'Mothering' group). We picked up some cloth diapers from one of the moms, and Marion and I went out to lunch with the group. It's nice to be in a group of parents, but I still feel quite out of place. I mean, yeah, I have a baby, and yes, I'm a full-time parent, but these are all ladies, and I'm decidely not a lady.

We have Marion in cloth diapers now, and they're remarkably cute.

They're pretty easy to put on, and the washing isn't really that bad, so the little bit of extra effort is well worth the substantial savings over disposable. They're also not filled with chemicals (disposables are), and they don't take up huge amounts of landfill space. We've also picked up a bio-degradable detergent for them, so we're not putting more nasties in the water. Did I mention that they're really cute? She has a frog print diaper-cover on right now.

And Friday, we got ready to spend thousands of dollars.

You know that we've been working on purchasing a Chrysler Pacifica [old post]. Well, things have changed. The guy that we were planning on buying it from turned out to be just a tad too shady for us, and that broke the deal. We were already getting a bit fed up with him, so it didn't take too much more to finish us off. So, change of plans; we head over to the Honda dealer and test drive a 2005 Odyssey.

We like it, and all it's wonderful features (it has a freaking lazy susan in the floor!), and after we negotiate a price more than $2000 below sticker, making the payments within our price goal, we sign the papers and head out.

I'm sure I'll have more to say about this quite nifty automobile in the near future, but right now, I have to go drive it. Marion and I have things to do, and people to see, and now that we have a car to get moving in, it makes the world a better place.


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