March 08, 2005

At the Mall

I was invited to the mall today. Weird. Actually, Marion and I were invited to the mall, to play with a couple of other little ones that we know. It's weird though, I mean...the mall? Is this a standard parenting thing that I haven't heard of, or is this actually strange. I mean, yeah, the mall has a child play-area, and it does have food sources, and bathrooms with changing tables, but it's the mall. I'm not really a mall-type-guy.

Yet, if Marion wakes up in time to catch some fun at the mall, we're gonna go. It's worth trying, right? She's napping right now (1 hour 42 min and counting), but I expect she'll be up in the next 20-40 minutes.

I suppose I should shave, as beast-men aren't often seen in public.


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