February 23, 2005

Wanderin' Jazz

Wanderin' Jazz is my first real attempt to play some kind of 'solo' overtop of a rhythm guitar. It's certainly not a full song, but it's a test of my songwriting in a quite different way.

I remember it sounding better coming out of the amp, and I'm not sure why the recording didn't capture what I was hearing. I mean, certainly I don't have the best recording setup here, but it wasn't so dinky-dink when I was playing it.

The electric guitar bit might sound a bit cut up to some of you, and that's because it is. I recorded the rhythm guitar yesterday, and recorded the lead today, but I couldn't play back the first while I was recording the second, so my timing was off. I fixed the timing with a bit of editing, but it sounds funny now (at least, to me it does).


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