February 22, 2005


Apparently Marion got all the stair-work that she wanted to yesterday, because she hasn't been interested in them at all today. Yesterday, however, she was all about trying to get up the stairs, and she was (partially) successful.

I've been working with her, trying to get her to get her knee up onto the next step for the past couple of days, and yesterday she got it. She made her way up two stairs, and then backed down one, before sitting down to take a break. She sat on the lowest step, and watched the cat. She seemed happy where she was, so I left her there.

Yet today, no steps for her. I thought she'd be all about wanting to make it all the way up, but she's more interested in her toys today.


At 8:20 PM, Anonymous said...

This is such a cute picture of her! I see you have padding at the bottom of the stairs..:) love, Grandma D


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