February 21, 2005

Sick Humans, Song Progress

It appears that now is the time to get sick. I've never known so many people to be sick in my world of people to be sick at the same time. I have a cold that wasn't fun yesterday, but isn't too bad today, Marion is still getting over something (quite likely the same thing that I have), and Keleigh appears to be coming down with the same thing too. Outside of our house, my sister is ill (best of luck, eat lots), Keleigh's neice has pneumonia (poor girl, she seems to get it every year), and on and on. I probably know of about 10 people that are sick right now.

I don't typically get sick, and really, I don't know of many people that get sick very often, so it seems strange that all of this has come to pass right around the same time. I know it's winter, and we're all staying indoors and passing germs left and right, but it just seems like too much all in one spot. Let's get healthy people. Everyone take an orange juice break.

On the song-a-day front, things are going well, even with illness. You heard Jungle Journey, Thursday's song, but I haven't heard any response from you about it. I'm not looking for in depth criticism, because obviously this is just a sketch, but if you thought it was amusing, or dumb (or amusingly-dumb), let me know.

Friday's song is tentatively titled Fire in July, and although I like the sound of it, I don't think it really fits with the song. This is a much different song than Jungle Journey, as it's not a children's song. It's a stab at writing something anti-drug, but I feel like it's too blunt. I like the sound of it, but it would need some changes lyrically before I felt great about it. It's also, obviously, not a finished song. I have two verses and a chorus of sorts, but I'd need more to make it a real-live-song.

That the thing though, I don't have to finish up this song unless I like it, it's just a sketch, and some sketches don't ever get finished.

In music-speak (feel free to skip if you're not interested in the details), it's in the key of A minor, which I really like the sound of. The verses are made up of Am, E7, D, and Dm, while the chorus-like bit is C, D, Am. I was trying to go for a Tom Petty/Hayden sound in the vocals, and while I think I got some Petty in there (listen to "slept there" in the second verse and compare it to Petty's "wants to say" in The Last DJ), I don't hear any Hayden.

I'm writing a new song today, and I'm a little worried that I'm not going to get it done by the end of the day, as it's turning out to be lyrically trickier than the first two. I'll post the results, regardless.

I've also enlisted Keleigh to work on the webpage for the songs, and it's going to look so much better than if I made it by myself. It's looking good already, but there's more work to be done before it's finished.


At 1:05 AM, Anonymous said...

The jungle song was cute - a little odd, but cute. The fire song is better, definitley could turn into something. I love that you are writing songs - Marian is very lucky to have a musically inclined dad like you! :) Keep posting the songs, they are great! Have a great week... Jerica :)


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