February 22, 2005

A Lesson in Moving On

Part of what I hope to get from this songwriting practice is learning when to move on. I spent a lot of today's available songwriting time working on yesterday's song, and while it did get further along, it's nowhere near what it would need to be to actually become a song.

The verses are fine, but I can't connect them to the chorus, and when I come out of the chorus, it's just a blank space as I readjust back into the verse. I need a bridge, but I've never been good at finding bridges. On top of that, my voice is ick-tastic, and my range is severly limited by the illness, so I'm sounding stretched in some spots.

So here's the ugly version, not cleaned up at all, as I don't have time right now. Today's song doesn't have a title, so I'll call it Sensory Affair. It's a fictional tale of a man and a woman who shouldn't have been together. I've found that writing each day has freed me from writing just about myself. I feel like I could write a song for someone else, about someone else, and such things, whereas before it was all about me-me-me.

Ah, and this songs showcases Marion's percussive skills near the end. She breaks out the colorful rattle and backs me up. Thanks little girl.


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