February 11, 2005

Hunting in the Pacific

Keleigh and I have been passively looking for a new car for quite a long time now, and I'm not sure what exactly switched us into active-mode, but it's happened. In the early months of looking we were choosing between the Lexus RX300, or the Chrysler Pacifica. We really liked the luxury features of the Lexus, but we didn't really like the pricetag. We love the look of the Pacifica, and the fact that it has three rows of seating, but the gas mileage wasn't very good. Both models are recommended by Consumer Reports, so I felt good about either one.

In the end, the Lexus' lack of a third row seat, and the base price of around $35 thousand versus the Chrysler's $28 thousand made the difference. As we looked further, we thought we'd take a look at used Pacificas, but because they only entered production for the 2004 model year, there aren't many out there.

We did, however, just find one, and it looks like a good deal. One year of use brings the pricetag down to about half of the base price, and when added together with our down payment, we can expect our payments to be just a couple dollars over $200 a month. Now, the sad (and sick) thing is that we were paying $244 a month for my Saturn. That's just wrong. I shouldn't have bought the Saturn new, that was crazy.

So, we're going to make an offer on this car, contingent on a couple of things getting fixed (there's a scratch in the door that the seller says he's having fixed on Tuesday, and there's a crack way over on the passenger side of the windshield). It may turn out that we have a 2004 Pacifica in the near future, or...maybe things don't work out with this one and we have to search for another. While I'd really like the new car, I'm willing to wait for a good deal if this turns out not to be.

And then, we sell the Saturn. They're selling on eBay for about $3000, and the listings on Autotrader.com have them anywhere from $4000 to $6000. I don't think I'll sell it on eBay, as that's a little too weird, but Autotrader might be the way to go. So, if you're in the market for a dependable car in good shape (or know someone that is), get in touch with me.


At 10:47 AM, Anonymous said...

Jeremiah, if you decide to reconsider selling your car on eBay (once you buy a new one), you might want to know that I had a *very* positive experience selling my motorcycle on eBay. I got 50% more than I asked in my AA News ad that netted no offers.



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