February 09, 2005

The End of the Tournament

I was up last night at 4am, because Marion woke up. I went downstairs for a moment, and checked my email, because I knew the results of the Diplomacy game that I was playing would be there (yes, I'm crazy). I fully expected to win the game, so it was just a matter of how big my win would be.

As it turns out, the completely unexpected happened (and really, it always seems to in Diplomacy), and three other players worked together to create a two way draw, not the complete victory that I was hoping for. I was pretty upset (yes, I'm crazy), and couldn't sleep for the rest of the freaking night.

You see, had I actually won the game, I would have made it into the championship game of the tournament, but with the draw, I was about 5 points short. I'll still finish in the top 10 or so, but I needed to be in the top 7 to get in, and I failed. I failed because of many things, but most acutely because I wanted to be nice to someone right at the end of the game. Why, why, why? It's totally not worth it, and that person wouldn't even have blinked had I not done the 'nice' thing. So, I bumbled the call, and I lose (sleep) because of it.

And all this leads me to want to take a break from playing Dip, just for a little while. I've had a eight years (or so) of playing this game, and this is the first time that a game has left a sour taste in my brain.

It's not so much that I lost (or, actually, I didn't lose, I just didn't win big enough), it's that I played poorly enough to get these players to band together against me. They weren't allying against me just because I was the leader, they were working together because they didn't feel as if I'd played a good enough game to deserve the win. I've been better than that in the past. Better tactically, and better in making sure the people I'm playing with like me enough to kinda enjoy seeing me win. I failed here because I didn't give the game enough time, which is understandable, considering my new career.

So I'm gonna take a break, and see about getting more settled into the full-time dad business, and then sign on to a slow moving game. I do look forward to playing again, just not right now. Because right now, I need the sleep.


At 9:10 AM, Anonymous said...

Hey, buddy, don't beat yourself up. You came within a one-center stab of finishing with a board top in all three of your tournament games. That's a remarkable achievement! And don't retire yet. Someone inevitably declines their invitation to the Championship Game. We'll still have our chance to CareBear our way to the Club Championship!

- CareBear Chris

At 9:24 AM, Anonymous said...

It could also be that the people who ganged together were so competitive that they felt like if they couldn't win, then they could atleast stop you from winning out right.

Not everyone would "be nice to someone right at the end of the game." Instead they would be out for the kill/win.

Next time you play, you will have to think about how badly you want the win, or are you just enjoying the game experience. Is the win THAT important to you? If yes, then sometimes nice doesn't get it. Play to win.

At 6:24 AM, Anonymous said...

I think that you're all crazy.

-ShadowRun champion


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