February 02, 2005

eBay Submissions

If you have stuff in your basement/closet/attic/brain that you'd like to get rid of, and you think it might be worth something, so you'd rather not throw it away, let me know. I've been selling things on eBay recently, and I've consistently been able to get bids that were higher than the average eBay selling prices because I know of a few tricks that help to get the best price. I can do this for your stuff too.

What'll happen is this: You tell me that you have something you want sold, I check it out on eBay to see if it does indeed have selling value. I list the item for sale on eBay, and when it sells I get a percentage of the sale price, the rest goes to you. You'd then ship the item to the buyer (I'll give you the address), and all is well. Or, if you'd rather not ship, I can ship the item for a fee.

So, let me know. I'll help clean up your basement, and we'll both get some money in the process. This works well even for people who aren't in south-east Michigan, as I don't ever have to actually have the item if you're doing the shipping, and you can give me good digital pictures. Pretty smooth, eh?

Send me an email eBay (at) OpenAppleDumb (dot) com, post a comment, or give me a call.


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