February 04, 2005

All Systems Go?

Well, it appears that everything made the transfer just fine, and OpenAppleDumb is up and running again. Look up at the address bar of your browser, remember how it used to say 'www-personal.umich.edu/~jleeum'...and now it's nice and clean. Spiffy eh?

So, update your bookmarks and get ready for a new blogging experience. We need to do something to celebrate, got any ideas?

Oh, and the comments, I hear they aren't working. Um. Sorry. I'll see about that.


At 12:35 AM, Anonymous said...

great Jeramiah! Glad the transfer went well.
I'm able to post. I love reading blogs...well,
if I know the person or any of my cycling

I've been clicking away to your ads! Hope
you'll have lots of money with them.

Hey did you find the source of your
water bill being high? Was their a
leak or is Keleigh just soaking in the
tub too many times a day?

After you told me about my
wasting water, everytime I
turn on the faucet, I think of
you telling me that. I probably
make it up in forgetting to
flush. Yes, I must confess
that- lately, I run out of the
bathroom not flushing. I
just forget. Oh that doesn't
mean, I forget to wipe. lol.
too graphic, huh?

Anyways, keep writing...
I have no suggestions.



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