January 14, 2005


When your baby has a rough day, you have a rough day, and when you have a rough day, very little gets done, because baby is the number one priority. This happened on Tuesday. Marion and I were out driving home after an appointment, and Marion got hungry and tired. When babies get hungry and tired, bad things happen, such as babies getting very upset.

As I'm not one someone that enjoys hearing my baby wail, I set about fixing this. I had milk in the car, but it was cold, so I tried to warm it up with the car's heater. After a while I was able to warm the milk just enough to make it acceptable, and Marion was calmed. She ate, and she fell asleep, but something, some who-knows-what, woke her up, and she was not happy about it. We got home after much crying, and I got her fed and back to sleep.

So, by the time Keleigh came home from work, there was no dinner for us. Now, Keleigh doesn't expect that I will have dinner ready, but I do like to make something, as by the time she gets home we're both quite hungry. So, with no dinner prepared, I looked for something quick, and came up with waffles. This is where the fun started.

You see, in the pantry I also found some semi-sweet baker's chocolate, and decided that I would make chocolate waffles. When ice cream was added (vanilla), followed by Sanders chocolate syrup, we had ourselves a lovely (if not entirely surgar-free) dinner.

I say to you now, Marion must never know that this happened, or all shall be lost, and the dentist will be a rich man.


At 1:31 PM, Anonymous said...

I can already see it now: the newest academic craze . . .

_Chocolate Waffles and Bawlin' Baby: The Politics of Convenient Excuses_

By Jeremiah Lee, bestselling author of _Why Not? Daddy Dish and Kitsch_

;-) Seanna

At 5:37 PM, Anonymous said...

Hey, Man, you deserve a huge giant shiny gold-colored plastic award for heating up your babies bottle with the car heater!

At 7:51 AM, Jeremiah said...

Thanks for the comments, and it's nice to hear that I deserve an award. I certainly didn't feel like a winner at the time, as she was definatly -not- happy.


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