January 24, 2005

Two Men, Two Feet of Snow, and Two Shovels

Try as they might, scientists have yet to discover a drug that can take boyhood out of men, and turn them into fully formed adults. This is a good thing.

When snow falls, and you can't really go anywhere because the streets are nasty, you go out into your backyard and make a giant pile of snow. At least that's what you do if you're Ben and I.

After you've done that for about an hour, you eat pizza. After completing pizza duties, you come back and you hollow out the inside of the giant pile of snow. This is done with whatever tools you happen to have. We had two shovels, a hoe, and some strange claw-type thing, which turned out to be the primary tool.

Once you've done this for a while, you can get into the pile of snow.

That's when you start feeling really cool, in the I'm-so-hip-cuz-I-made-this kind of way. It's actually quite warm inside a snow hut, because snow is a wonderful insulator, and because you generate quite a bit of heat while digging out a giant pile of snow.

Yeah, so now you have this awesome snow hut, so what can you do with it? Well...not really that much. If you're adventurous (and you don't have to take care of a baby that wakes up at night) you can sleep in it overnight, which is quite nice, you can destroy it, which is just silly, or you can stare at it, and be amazed by your glorious creation.

This is what Ben and I have done so far, just gazed at the glory of the thing that we've made, and it is indeed glorious. There's talk of getting JP to help put on another room, with a snow tunnel to connect the rooms. JP likes this sort of thing, JP once dug a big hole just to see how much sand was in his back yard (and there was a lot).

There's a lot to be said of the sense of accomplishment that one can feel after building a snow hut, you should give it a try.


At 7:02 AM, Anonymous said...

Daniella and I did the same thing, only ours was built in a snow drift in the drive up to the barn. It was well packed and I think I may go out and make it bigger so that more people can fit into it.

I will get our digtal out and take some pictures and post to my site when I figure out how.


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