January 05, 2005

Moving Toward Normal

The whole at-home dad thing is still quite new to me, with this past Monday marking my first full month caring for Marion. Wow, it's been a month already? Being home with her is such a joy, it's making time move along quicker. The point, though, is that it's still new, and the newness can cover up some of the parts of this lifestyle which make it harder to handle. Because of my wonderful Christmas gift, The Stay-at-Home Dad's Handbook, I've been notified in advance of some of the difficulties.

The book suggests that the greatest challenge that most dad's face is a feeling of isolation. I've certainly had a bit of that, but it's been buffered by the recent holidays. I think that being aware that this can be a problem will help me to avoid feeling overly isolated, because I'll keep trying to stay connected.

The ways that I'm going to stay in contact with the outside world include, but are not limited to;

Naughty Frogs Practice: Getting three busy 20-something guys together once a week to make music is a tricky task. Lately we've been canceling our practices, due to various things, and that's been sad. There's nothing quite the same as playing guitar with Ben and JP, and I hope that all three of us can keep a day open for frogging it up.

Mothering Arts: While I'm not a mother, the women (and the occasional other father) that attend these Thursday sessions have accepted me as one of their own. They really are wonderfully nice people, and I'm so glad that Keleigh and I were connected to this group, through our midwives. Most of the ladies that I talk to are first time moms, and they're in just about the same situation that Keleigh, Marion, and I are, so their a great resource.

OpenAppleDumb: It's mainly a one-way enterprise, where I write, and you read, but it's very much a part of my connection to the world. I really enjoy getting comments (email or posted) about my posts, and I'm so pleased to have you reading, and supporting me in this way, on my quest of daddy-hood. I feel like I've recently been in a bit of a rut, and I need to post something completely wacky in order to get out of it, so be warned. It's also been a great source of a bit of extra income, thank you so much for clicking on the Google ads over to the left.

I'm also hoping to get on the phone more often, although I'll have to call people that share my non-nine-to-five lifestyle, as I don't want to bother people at work too often. There are family members that need talking to, even if they don't want to talk to me, there are people from WGTE (the radio station that I worked at about two years ago) that I'd like to keep in touch with, and there are friends spread to the wind. They all need some phone-time, during nap-time, of course.


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