January 22, 2005

"Help Me"

Sleeping, dreaming of a disaster scene in San Francisco, where I'm getting into my family's 1986 Chevy Blazer in order to get out of the path of the airplane that's about to smash into the street. There's a note on the driver's seat, but I don't get a chance to read it, because I'm distracted by other noises, muffled human noises, maybe coming from the back (or the 'back-back' as we called it in our family).

I turn to check out the back-back, but the scene vanishes before I get a chance, and I'm lying in bed, and I realize that the noises are coming from Keleigh. Before I really get a chance to wake up enough to decide what to do, I hear her say, "help me" in the way that you hear unhappy ghosts speak in horror movies.

Now, at an early hour my brain just wasn't ready for this, and it rather freaked me out. I quickly rolled to put my arms around Keleigh, and she woke up in moments.

Apparently Keleigh has gained the ability to communicate the wishes of her subconcious into the non-dream world when she wants to. She told me that she knew she was dreaming, and she knew that things were getting creepy in her dream, so she decided to wake me up in order to wake her up.

Now, how was she able to wake me up without waking herself up, I do not know. I do know that it was freaky, and I hope she doesn't use her call-from-beyond powers too often, as I'm just not sure that my sleepy brain can handle it.


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