January 12, 2005

The Frogs Ride Again

While we didn't record anything for your listening (dis)pleasure, and there were no photographs taken, the Naughty Frogs had a practice last night. Much was accomplished, including finding my capo (a tool for raising the key of the guitar), and rummaging through my old lyrics notebook.

I used to write many songs, and while they weren't the most spectacular songs you've ever heard, they did get written. I was surprised to see that in one week in November of 1997 (a bad time for me, actually, I was pretty depressed), I wrote five songs. They weren't all doom-and-gloom either. I haven't written five songs in the past five or six years now. I became too self concious, and that just destroyed any desire to write lyrics. I need to get over that.

I did recently write a very nice chord progression, and Ben has set out to write a keyboard part for what could be the second new Naughty Frogs song since the late 90's. The other new song was 'Public Eye', written exclusively for us to record when Ben had access to the UofM recording studio, but we never actually got around to recording a full version.

And, when we played 'just something' to go along with the chords that I put together, it sounded good. It sounded, actually, quite lovely. 'Quite lovely' is not a phrase that I would have ever have used to describ any of our previous songs, so it was a surprise.

All this, and we'd already decided that we would learn a bunch of cover songs first.


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