January 20, 2005

Busy Day

Thursdays are my busy days, and I expect this one to be no different. Today is Mothering Arts, where I get together with a bunch of full-time moms in order to talk about babies and such. Marion loves to sit and stare at the other babies, never really sure what to do with them. I expect that as she gets older (and starts to crawl, very soon), and is exposed to these other babies more (socialization!), she'll be more extroverted.

The Naughty Frogs practiced on Tuesday, and all went quite well. Ben brought the drum set from Laingsburg, so we each took a turn drumming, which was quite pitiful. It really makes the basement look like a band's rehersal space though, which is nice. I suppose it would look more like a 'real' band space if we actually had a drummer, but that's beside the point.

Ben and I also worked on our new song, which is turning out to sound quite nice. We (he) wrote a melody line for the lyrics, and I'm going to work on writing some lyrics this week. Surely they will turn out to be about Marion.


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