December 13, 2004

Soon to Be Selling Out

In the next couple of days, I hope to make some changes to OpenAppleDumb. The first big change is a host-swap. The University of Michigan has been kind enough to provide a home for my website for the past year and a half (since March 3rd of 2003, in fact), and I am very grateful for the service. With my resignation from a university position, they no longer need to provide this service. While they don't take away your web space and email setup right away, it will likely be sometime in the near future, and I don't want to be cut off without having some kind of backup plan.

As an aside, I'm getting a very Pump Up the Volume feeling here. This is some cool pirate website, and I'm lettin' the man pay for it while I talk about how difficult it is to be a Christian Slater high-school geek from another town. Yeah, that's cool.

So the point is, I'm going to be changing hosts. I'm hoping that everything will work wonderfully, and there won't be any downtime, but it's possible that things won't go perfectly. During the switch (whenever it does occur), I'll publish to both the new host and Umich, in order to be safe.

For those of you that don't know what I'm talking about, don't worry, you really shouldn't notice anything different. Just make sure you're typing in (or your bookmark is linked to), and not something like this The Umich account will be going away soon, OpenAppleDumb will not.

The second big change is where I'm selling out. Hopefully it won't be too bothersome, but if it turns out to be a pain, I'll change back. I'm going to install Google's AdSense into my page in order to (hopefully) both pay for the new web hosting, and bring in some extra cash for full-time dad adventures.

No pop-ups, no image banners, nothing too annoying, I can assure you. Google is an impressive company, and they've offered the chance to advertise in an unobtrusive way. There will simply be a small list of text links in a corner that you can click on. Every time you click on a link, I get a portion of the money that the advertiser pays to Google. I'm not sure how much it is, but I'll let you know as we move on.

Hopefully I can convince you to have pity on me, and you'll click on one of the links each time you visit (even if you don't go to the site, or even care what it is). Add this to the money that I'm bringing in from eBay, and any other crazy idea that I get, and maybe I can line Marion's diaper with cash.


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