December 18, 2004

Reading of Fatherhood

I went to the library on Thursday to take back H.P. Lovecraft's The Dunwich Horror and Others (which was dissappointing), and I picked up three books about fatherhood. One book stood out because it was entitled something like Men Write About Fatherhood, and I thought it would be great, because I also write about fatherhood, and I've been thinking about the different ways that I could do more writing about my experience.

As it turns out though, this book appears to be fathers writing about how they thought their fathers were distant, and how they never really wanted to have children. Now, isn't that a pick-me-up? Maybe as I get further into it there will be some more positive essays. I certainly hope so.

The other two books deal with the fathering of daughters, which is a topic that ranks pretty high on my list these days. I'm sure that part of my concern about being a good father to my daughter comes from seeing the relationship (or lack thereof) that my sister has with our dad. They've just never connected in a good way, and I really hope not to repeat that. He's a good guy overall, so it shows us that even good guys can be unsuccessful at fathering, so we have to be careful to learn how to father.

Speaking of fathers, my dad seriously needs to get a computer. I believe he's the only person under 65 to not have one, and it's cramping his style. How can he see cute pictures of Marion if he doesn't have a computer?


At 1:30 PM, Anonymous said...

Oh no! Your ads are "determine paternity" and "download custody help now"! How sad!! We need some cheerier ads . . .

-Mama Lee


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