December 15, 2004

Monetary Goals

I'm going to set a goal for myself. I'm going to try to bring in $50 in December, and then $75 in January, and $100 in February... I don't know where I'll stop, although it'll probably just be wherever I find that either I don't need any more, or I can't seem to make anymore.

You might ask, "Jeremiah, you don't have a job, are you going to be mugging people?" I would answer that I have no intent to mug people, but if it comes to that, you might want to watch your wallets. The plan is to come up with little ideas that can make money, and I'm on my way there already. My brain is always doing this, trying to figure out a way that I can earn some (rather easy) cash, even before I left my job. Now though, without a job, there's some added importance.

Here are some of the ways that I'm thinking about, and/or implementing:

GoogleAds on OpenAppleDumb - This has already begun, and I'm pleased to report that I think it's working wonderfully so far. It's not much money, but if you could click on one of the links over to the left every time you leave this page, I would really appreciate it. If everyone clicks, it really adds up. I think I'll set a monthly goal for clicks, and put it over there for everyone to see. That way, you can see the click count go down, and we'll all have a sense of accomplishment. It won't be automated, but I'll try to update it at least once a day.

Babywearing classes - Many of you have seen the way that Keleigh and I carry Marion around with us, both in the black sling and the red wrap. It's such a convenient way to carry babies, and everyone benefits from the close connection. Well, every time that I'm around parents of young children when I'm wearing the wrap, they ask how it's done. So, I'm thinking that I can offer one hour tutorials to parents for around $10. The New Moon Midwifery has a 'Mothering Arts' group that always has women with new babies coming to it, so that would be a great way to meet new 'clients'.

eBay selling - I've already started this too, but so far I've only made about $10. Not really as much as I was looking for, but it's a fine start. I'm going to sell off all of the junk that I have lying around, and then I'm gonna start looking for things to buy and resell. If I can find things selling for low prices that tend to get higher prices, I'll buy them and then relist them for a profit. I've done some research into this, and I'm going to start slowly, but I think I can bring in a good amount of money with just a little time spent when Marion is napping.

Those are the three main things, and I'll probably just keep doing those. I've also thought about offering to do oil changes or body work on cars, offering myself as a gift-wrapper, proofreader, web-maintainer, or pretty much anything else that I can do from home while Marion is napping. If you need anything like this done, feel free to contact me. I'm a jack of all trades kind of guy, and that's good as both a father, and as just some guy who does odd jobs.

(Hey, don't forget to click on the GoogleAd, I mean it.)


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