December 09, 2004

First Visitor

You know you're a real full-time dad when someone comes over to visit during the day. Marion and I were lucky yesterday, as our first visitor was Seanna, a good friend from the University. While the visit was short (and, really, first visits should be short, because they might also be overwhelming) we had a very good time, and we're looking forward to more visits.

My plan is to have one visitor per week, as I know that it'll help me to keep in contact with adults, and it'll help Marion to feel comfortable with new faces. Once I've been doing this for a while I'll feel more confident, and more able to go out to visit people, but for now I think I'd rather people came to us.

We do have an adventure planned for today though, outside of the house. The New Moon Midwifery has a weekly get-together in their office called 'Mothering Arts', where a group of mothers (and every so often a father too) get together to talk about parenting. Keleigh had gone to the group for a while after Marion was born, but couldn't continue attending because of her work with iDL. I'd stopped by a few times, and attended some events put together by the group, but this will be the first time that I've gone alone.

I'm looking forward to it, because I'm sure the women will be very encouraging, and they'll be happy to see Marion again. I also know that one of the ladies that often attends has as stay-at-home husband, and I'd like to get into contact with him. It would really be good for me to have another like-minded dad to be able to chat with. I can't really imagine that right now, but I'm sure it's going to happen, I'm sure over time I'll become friends with another full-time dad.

Oh, and yes, I am up at 3:20am. Marion decided that she needed to wake up just about every half hour, and that's no good for anyone. She sleeps much better when she's in the sling, so I've taken her downstairs for a little bit of blogging. Crazy girl.


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