December 27, 2004

First Christmas, Christmas Firsts

As the world gets ready to go back to work after the holiday weekend, Marion and I ready ourselves for a new week of adventure. Being a professional daddy means that I don't get vacation days, but it also means that my work-life doesn't smash my brain cells against yet another form to fill out, or pamphlet to edit, so I don't need as many vacation days. Holidays do give Keleigh back to the family, and we certainly appreciate that.

The worst of this teething session appears to be over now, with Marion now sporting two fully functional bottom incisors. Wasting no time, she attacked an apple I was eating yesterday:

She literally chomped on this apple (no skin) for about 15 minutes, and this from the girl that refuses to eat the applesauce that I made for her (and I didn't put some crazy spice in it, it's just mushed up apple). Keleigh received a babyfood processor (ie. small blender) for her birthday, and that day we made some fresh applesauce. Today I might mix up some avocado for her, although I'll let her just gnaw on the whole avocado first.

In order to see if other things might be as tasty as the apple, Marion decided to sample my guitar:

Now, she also likes to listen to me play the guitar, which is great because it gives me extra incentive to practice. She has just about figured out that if she runs her hands across the strings they make noise, so I expect that she'll want to do that a lot soon.

I really do love this guitar, and I'm lucky that it fell into my hands when it did. I bought it for $365 in 1998 or so (the guitar was built in 1976), and it's given me more than $365 in value. I fear though, that it may one day finally collapse, as there are tiny stress fractures along the neck, and on the front of the body. This guitar has a special place in my life, and the day that it dies will be very sad. I just can't imagine buying a new guitar. I'm happy to see Marion get a chance to interact with it (and to have pictures), because I know that one day this guitar won't be around. I don't think it's on it's last leg now, but I'm worried about it.

In the realm of gifts, I received another thing to add to my 'SuperBelt'. You know, like Batman has the belt with handcuffs and all sorts of useful devices, it appears that being a stay at home dad does the same thing.

I've had the phone, so that's not new, and the blue stopwatch came when I needed something to time the labor for Marion's birth. The baby monitor (the big white thing) is on me when she's napping, and the new addition is the pedometer. You see, I have this crazy obsession with tracking things (gas mileage, visits to this website, and so on) and the pedometer gives me the chance to track how many steps I'm taking each day. What could be more fun than that? I could make a graph showing steps taken in the week, and find the average, and the standard deviation, an the median. This is gonna be great! I'll try not to update you about this process too often, as I'm sure that it's completely boring to just about everyone else.

Something that isn't boring, however is Marion's (s)Care Bear Book:

Okay, I must admit that the pocket knife didn't actually come with the book, but it fit so well in his caring little paws, he just seemed to need it more than I did. Scary little bear, I bet they just let him off probation. That's why we didn't see Care Bears for so many years, they were in jail, serving time for their crimes against humanity, and now that their sentence is up, they're back to their old tricks.


At 5:59 PM, Anonymous said...

hi, jeremiah (and keleigh and marion)! thanks for the phone call with holiday wishes and the info about your site. i would like to know some details about how this works and how well you are doing with it.

what a beautiful darling of a gal you have! when was she born? aidan has three teeth all on the bottom and he loves to chew chew chew.
it would be great to talk with you. is where you can type to me.

we will visit your site regularly. hope you all are well and the holidays were joyous.

hope to talk with you soon!
hugs, hallie bee.

At 9:28 AM, Anonymous said...


Now that you're a Click Ho, I thought you might be interested in the following article on the future of Web advertising:

Sorry for not emailing this, but I don't know your new, non-collegiate address. You need an "Email Me" link on this fine blog of yours.

Christmas and New Year's wishes to you, the wife, the daughter, and the cat!

The World-Famous Chris

P.S. Nine centers and growing for me in 1905. See you in the Championship Game!

At 12:27 AM, Anonymous said...

please do not defile the carebears with your violence. i have great nostalgia for carebears, and strawberry shortcake (before the reconstituted version of this gen Z era), even though they were not part of my generation but rather, the generation of kids i babysat in sixth grade. in pursuit of the egregiously monica lewinsky modelled bratz at toys r us this christmas (the pressure of hints, smiles, and well performed patty-cakes), i saw me old companions the carebears. at least they still preserve a semblance of their original selves. so, swiss army knife -- please, no more product placement. or at least, less pedantically situated.


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