December 22, 2004

Diplomacy Tourney

Things are looking good for me in my email Diplomacy tournament (what is Diplomacy?). Throughout this third and finial preliminary game I've been around sixth or seventh place, and you have to be in the top seven to get into the championship game. The most updated standings actually have me dropping back to 11th place, but that's one season before my (hopefully) big step forward in the current game. After this part of our game, I should move from 73.5 points to 90 points, which will put me right around sixth place again. I'm feeling pretty confident that I can win this current game, which should get me into the championship.

Honestly though, while I'd love to play for the tournament win and I'd be dissappointed if I didn't make it into the final game, I feel great about my success already. This is the first Dip tournament that I've been in, and I never expected to be this high in the standings. I've learned a lot about how I play the game, and I think this will really help me to be better in the future. And, it's certainly nice to know that I can hold my own against seasonsed email Diplomacy gamers.

It is making me hungry for a face to face game, with a real board and real people sitting on real chairs. I hosted a game at about this time last year, and I hope that I'm able to put one together sometime in the next month or so, once some of the holiday rush dies down. I have a lot more people on my invite list, so I think we can get 7 people together to play, maybe we'll have two games going on at once, although we'd have to find a new venue. My house just isn't set up for 14 people trying to find a quiet place to talk.


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