December 01, 2004

December is for Giving

A soon-to-be-no-longer-my-coworker used to be in the Peace Corps, and she was talking about the many projects that this fine government program. It really does appear that this is a good way to directly help people that are in need.

This is a major concern for many American donors, we just don't know what the money that we give goes to, and we really don't feel like we can be assured that our money isn't being sidetracked. We don't want to find out that of our $10 gift, $2 went to administration, $5 were skimmed off by Haliburton, $2 were lost to regional warlords, and the one dollar remaining made it to the people that actually need the money.

So the Peace Corps set up this great website where you can see the individual project proposals, how much money is needed, and they set up an easy online credit card payment system.

Since December is a giving month, and a time that we should all be thinking of ways to help others, I thought that I might be able to use OpenAppleDumb to do some good. With the power of numbers, we're going to get together to help some people in Bolivia.

They need $268 US dollars in order to purchase beehives, and the assorted things that you need in order to do some beekeeping. The community is supplying $70 to the project, so they only need $198 more, and I think that you can help make this happen. I know that just over 20 people read this blog on a regular basis, and if we all can send $10, the beekeeping supplies will be headed to Boliva. These people can then sell the honey, which will greatly improve the local economy.

So, we'll be able to help people, and we can say that we, as a group, made a difference for these people. It's $10, add it to your holiday spending budget, or borrow a movie or two from the library instead of renting. It's worth it.

$198 dollars my good friend, and this we can get some beehives for the people in Bolivia. I'll try to keep you updated about the status of the $198 dollars.

Read the proposal! Entre Rios Beekeeping Project
Give them your $10, it's easy!


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