December 14, 2004

Crazy eBay Parents

I was up again last night, as Marion has turned from sleeping-just-fine baby to I-don't-sleep-in-bed baby. Fun for the whole family. So, what does a sleepy dad do at 3am? I go downstairs and as Marion sleeps in the sling, I browse eBay. It appears that other parents don't just browse eBay, they actually use to to bring about family 'selling' their baby. (Did you know that the 'baby' category is under 'Home & Garden' on eBay? Seems like an odd place.)

I sent this desperate parent a message, asking if the item that they had for sale would help me stay up even later, as I already was up into the 'wee small hours' of night. They wrote me back, and have since asked for advice on what might be keeping her child up. I really don't know if I'm the guy to ask, as I really don't know why Marion is waking up.

Pretty crazy though, to strike up a parenting conversation at 3am, with an eBay listing.

Maybe I'll post an auction for answers to sleepless nights, once I find them.

I did get Marion to nap quite easily right now though, which is a very good thing. She's tending not to want to nap unless she's in the sling, and that's no good for my shoulder. Today though, she's on the couch (and I'm right here watching her).


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