December 23, 2004

Clean Up Time

In the hopes of having people over for Christmas celebrations, we're cleaning the house today. I haven't been able to care for Marion and keep the house all clean this week, so we have quite a bit to do. Nothing that our Consumer Reports Best Buy Vacuum can't handle, that and some Formula 409 (which we still call 'Windex' for some odd reason, we've never actually purchased Windex).

There's something really great about having a freshly cleaned house, and I would have said that even before I was a full-time dad. Desks cleared, floors vacuumed (no more tree needles), and bathrooms shining...yeah, that's the good life.

Now, it might be that no one comes here for Christmas, both because of the drive (an hour to an hour and a half, depending on which side of the family you're on), and because we just got about half a foot of snow. It's really beautiful, but our street still isn't plowed, and we have to go get some groceries. Tricky business.


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