December 10, 2004

Best $8 Ever Spent on Cardboard

Now, I've spent quite a bit of money on cardboard in the past, as I was really into baseball cards for about two years, back in middle school, and then in high school we played Magic: The Gathering, and I spent way too much money on cardboard cards for this game. Yesterday though, I put them all to shame, and bought a very simple cat scratching thingee from Petco.

Yes, $8 on a bunch of cardboard stuck together. That's a lot of money for stinking cardboard. I expect that the producer makes a pretty darn good profit on these, as it can't cost more than about fifty cents to make it. So, in a sense, I got ripped off, but that would only be taking the material into consideration. There is a much greater benefit.

Kira likes to scratch the couch in our front room, and while she hasn't done much damage, it really angers me, and over time it would damage the couch. I'm not a fan of damage to couches, especially couches that were purchased new when we bought our house.

Well, I've tried some 'solutions' to help Kira stop this habit, but haven't had any success. I built a scratching post, and she didn't scratch it. I put sticky things all over the couch, and she just ripped them off. I sprayed anti-cat pheromones all over the couch, and she fell in love with it. She's a strange beast.

Now I have a solution, or so it appears. When Kira starts to scratch on the couch, I say 'No', and then I put her on this cardboard thing. She actually scratches, and I tell her she's a good girl. I think this is gonna work out.

Yeah, it's $8 for cardboard, but it's also $8 to keep my completely insane cat from scratching the couch that she loves so much.


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