December 20, 2004

All Sorts of Crazy

First Crazy: I've got to come clean about something. I've been using steroids. I use them to improve my ability to hit a baseball really far. Well, okay maybe not, I've actually only been using them since this morning, to combat the allergic reaction that I've somehow had.

It's not pretty, but it's not terrible either, I have an allergic rash on my left ear, and on my left cheek. It actually skips the area where my beard is, which makes me believe that I should be hair-face-man, in order to protect against this in the future. Just a bunch of bumps and redness, not too itchy except on my earlobe.

I must have had a reaction to something/one that I came in contact with last thursday (as that's just about the only day that I got out of the house), at the Mothering Arts gathering. Some child probably had organic-monkey-ass-flavoring on their hand, and they touched me. Bah, serves me right for leaving the safe confines of my home.

Second Crazy: Kira hurt her leg, apparently a sprain or twist of some kind. She's still playing like a crazy kitten, and doesn't express any pain when we touch the leg, so I don't imagine that it's too serious. Keleigh's sister is going to check it out when she next sees her, as she works at an emergency vet clinic.

Third Crazy: Marion, my darling daughter, is seriously teething. Last night there weren't any teeth, just white bumps on her lower gums, today we're feeling jagged edges of enamel. It's pretty exciting, but it also means trouble. She's uncomfortable, so she doesn't sleep as well as normal, and she has absolutely no tolerance for the car seat. With Christmas traveling coming up soon, we're having to decide just how much it's worth to have her screaming for hours at a time (and, really, nothing is worth that). We'll see how things move along.


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