November 09, 2004

Work Ramblings

The work is piling up, and the bigger the pile, the less I desire to do it. Unfortunatly, it's my job, and I have to do the work. I should just break out a shovel and start digging a hole just to the right of my desk, and push all of the papers into the hole. Of course, the History department wouldn't be too pleased with a bunch of documents falling through the ceiling, but I suppose they could just dig their own hole.

My job just isn't exciting me right now. Really though, how many people have jobs that they actually find exciting? Probably not a large portion of the populace. The thing is, most jobs require that you do pretty boring tasks over and over again, and really, that doesn't excite most people. What we need to do is to breed a strain of monkies that could fill out 'Diploma Applications' and put bolts onto screws. That way, we'd be free to do what we really want to do, a job that's actually exciting...say...perhaps...monkey farming.

In other news, and this has been brought to my attention twice, it appears that our fine President, Mr. GWB has found the best way to find a seat in the Whitehouse, "Get out the Vote, even if there aren't enough people to vote." It appears that in 30 districts in Ohio, there were more votes cast than there were registered voters, for a total of over 97 thousand extra votes.

Now, some of this can be explained by unregistered voters coming to the polls and casting provisional ballots...maybe they didn't understand the whole 'registration' thing, but that can only account for some of this. Others could be people that voted in the wrong district, but 97 thousand people don't make mistakes like this.

Take Woodmer Villiage as an example. This district has 558 registered voters, yet 8854 ballots were cast. Strange eh?

Let's hope this is being looked into, as we know that the President of Diebold (one of the voting machine producers) is a Republican, and gave plenty of cash to the Republican party this year.

I've made up a quick spreadsheet of the places with extra votes, just so you can ponder the possibilities.


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