November 22, 2004

U-Con Gaming Convention

This past weekend was the marked the second year (out of two tries) that I've tried to play a game of Diplomacy at Ann Arbor's U-Con Gaming Convention, and failed. I guess I should have sent out some emails, and tried to get some people from the DipWorld YahooGroup, or maybe just sent out the word to some more of my Diplomacy playing friends. Alas, the game would have one player (me) and it's hard to play a game of negotiation by yourself.

Good things did come of the event though, and all was not lost. I had the chance to play History of the World again, and had a great time playing with Jeff, Jerry, and Joel (crazy J's, eh?). It's a game that I might like to add to my collection some day, although who know's who I'll play it with, or when I'll play it. It takes about one hour per player (and you play with 4-7 I believe), so it's no quick game of spam-checkers or any such thing. It's a good game though, not too involved, and I like how it shows the growth and decline of various civilizations.

I also joined a role-playing session based in the Star Wars galaxy. Each of the players (and there were a dozen of us) took up positions as Senators, Senator's Aides, and Jedi. Now I know almost nothing about the Star Wars enviornment, but I found the game to be quite fun. We were given a brief overview of the setting, and some goals for our character to work towards, and we went into negotiations.

Four hours later, there had been assassination attempts, back-room dealings, and many laughs. It appeared that everyone had a good time, and I was really glad to have been a part of it. I thank Ed for pointing me toward the game.

So, while I was away, playing these nifty games, my wife and duaghter went to Toledo, and spent some time being pampered. I spent my first night alone since Marion's birth, and it was very strange. While I slept quite well, it was hard to get to sleep without my baby by my side.

And on Sunday, when they came back, they both looked different. Keleigh had her hair cut (and looks very stylish), and Marion had grown. I swear to you, my daughter had changed the shape of her face in just over 24 hours. They really do grow fast.


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