November 25, 2004

To Whom it May Concern

As of Friday, December 3rd, 2004, I am resigning my position as Student Services Assistant for the Program in Comparative Literature at the University of Michigan .

I've enjoyed my time with the students, faculty, and staff of this program, and I thank you for the opportunities that I've had while working here.

Jeremiah Lee

Yes my good friends, the day has come. I turned in my letter of resignation yesterday, and my proposal to end quickly was taken well by my boss. One more week of full-time office monkey work, and I'm done. I'm ready to be a dad, and I believe that I'm more able to support my family as a stay at home dad (hereafter to be referred to as 'rebeldad'). My financial support wasn't really offering much as it was, and the costs associated with both Keleigh and I working full-time outside of the home were far greater than the benefits that my job brought us.

The original plan was to have a part-time evening/weekend job ready to go before I left this position, but we've found that the stress that the wait is putting on the family just isn't worth it. I'll still be applying for positions, but there isn't such a rush anymore. I'll likely find a job with Meijer, Fed-Ex, or some other short-term thing to offset some of the cash-flow loss, but we don't really need the money.

We took another look at our budget, and after cutting out the non-family child-care expenses, Keleigh makes more than what we spend. So, who needs a two-paycheck family? I don't want to work outside of the home anyway.

Now, this all being said, I will be looking for little ways to make some money while I'm at home (and Marion is napping). A friend is setting me up to do some webpage maintenance for a University program, and I'm hoping to find other things like that. If you happen to know of any such thing, send it on.

We start another season of life in a week, and I'm ready to close the door on my first 'career' path. I really never had any goals for my professional career, and I'm thinking now that it's because I'm supposed to be a rebeldad.

Let's get this started, hand me a diaper.


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