November 01, 2004

This Will Be Our Year

The first song on the album Future Soundtrack For America is an optimistic tune from a band named OK Go. The album was put together by a colllection of artists that have hope for the future of our country, and fear that the Bush administration is leading us in a path that is not best for our people, and the future of our nation.

OK Go's This Will Be Our Year, is the theme song for tomorrow (or at least it should be) for millions of people. This will be our year, this will be the year that the 18-28 year old demographic will come to vote (yes, they aren't all going to come out, but more will come than in previous years). This will be the year that friends will round up friends, and they'll all go to the polling place, because we all know that this is important. Too important to let others make the decision without our input.

This will be our year.


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